Wishes Upcoming PSA DirectStream MKII

A nice picture of the new PCB of the upcoming MKII DS:

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Hi @Ted: is this the digital board only? Are there also boards for the 2 PSU’s and the transformer?

Yes, that’s the digital board from Paul’s video. There will be only two boards, the digital board and the analog board. They each have their own supplies onboard. The power transformer is separate and connects at the squarish white connector on the upper right of the picture below.

Not a great picture, but perhaps a little clearer than the screen shot above:

Here’s the CAD 3D rendering:

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The ASR emitter has a factory selectable upgrade option. like wbt silver downs.
This option can be selected considering the usefulness of the upgrades I made.

Yes I trust @tedsmith measurements. I hope he can share a full suite of his own measurements.

It’s the easy way to quiet the fans of the other people measuring. Just put your own out there.

Does PS Audio have an APx555 or better Ted?

Or do you rely on your own measurement gear?

PS Audio has multiple AP’s, I don’t know what models, but more recent, not the ones they had when we did the DS and DS Jr.

I use my Picoscopes. One is 250MHz bandwidth. The other is designed for audio. Tho it’s only about 16 bits, with AC coupling, low voltage ranges and FFT’s I can see everything I want (except jitter.)


So with the current ‘work at home’ environment , will you be having to send stuff back and forth for PSA to measure ?

Or are you happy with all the measurement you have at home and not too fussed whether they do/don’t measure?

I’ve always worked at my home in Washington on the DS, etc. I don’t work for PS Audio. I use my equipment to verify that things are working as designed, both hardware and software. PS Audio verifies my testing on the AP, and also checks every unit on the AP as it’s being built. But, in general, the AP can’t check the software nearly as well as the ear. They always have a unit there that matches the one here and I can have them measure anything I need, but we don’t need to do things like that much.


One thing that might be cool is if PSA provided the AP measurements to customers that wanted it?

I have a $1k pair of Sennheiser HD800S headphones that came with individual factory measurement, for specific serial number.

For a product 5x more expensive, it might be a cool thing to do, only for those that ask for it?

Just a serial number is required I assume.

@Paul ?