Withdrawn: PS Audio DirectStream Jr. - Black

Everyone here knows exactly what this is! I’ve used it with Roon with great results.

I bought this in November 2016, directly from PSA. It is in virtually perfect condition (I’d say 9/10 on the Audiogon scale), and upgraded to the latest firmware (Huron).

I’ll include all original packaging and everything that came with the unit (remote, power cable, manual, etc).

Since it’s within the warranty period, the manual indicates that the reminder of the three-year warranty is transferable by calling PSA.

My price is $2400 (which incidentally is below the current Audiogon average). In addition, I’ll ship it at no cost in the US, international buyers PM me (I’d pass international shipping charges on to you.) This is the US version; I prefer to sell it in the US. Paypal is OK with no upcharge (I’ll pay the fees).

Let me know…if it doesn’t sell here I’ll sell it on Audiogon site. Feel free to PM me with any questions.


PS Feel free to check out my feedback on Audiogon. My username is “vlentudia.”

If I didn’t have tax payments coming up (year-end stuff), I would have jumped on this! GLWS!

Welcome, Rudy!

Withdrawn - My son is going to use it. Thanks for looking.

Please let me know if you change your mind.