Would Running A Directstream Directly Into A Bryston 4B3 Be A Good Impedance Match?

The Directstream balanced outputs are rated at 200 Ohms and the Bryston balanced inputs are rated at 30k Ohms. If my calculations are correct, that is a 15 to 1 ration, I think the recommended ratio is 10 to 1 minimum and up to 20 to 1 in the audio world.

Would this be a good match up?

30,000 divided by 200 equals 150.
It will not be a problem.

use single ended
compare better pace and mids

I have been using the DSJ on a Bryston 4B3 with great success for a while. Now using the DSJ on a 14B3. I found this to work better than Using the Bryston BP17-3 Pre. So, this should work just fine for you as well.

Cool! Thanks for that input.