WTB kimber ascent or base power cables and audioquest 12 ft pair speaker cables

I’m looking to buy a pair of used audioquest speaker cables 12 ft pair from the tree series rocket 88 or castle rock and up. I’m also looking to purchase 3 kimber kable power cables used within the ascent or base series 2m each. I’m not looking for new or markup pricing I will entertain reasonable used cables

I have 3 Kimber Ascent cables with upgraded Watergate rhodium connects instead of the standard gold. Rhodinium is more durable.

Have two 3’ and one 6’ cable. Will sell all 3 for $600 including shipping.

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They are all PK10 RHs.

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Sadly I don’t need 3fters I only need 3 2m 6.6ft

Thank you @owlsalum bringing this sales thread gone wrong to my attention.

I have deleted the unpleasant posts.

I also deleted @owlsalum’s and @nortonkp’s constructive posts, but only because they were responding to the deleted posts and they no longer have context.

If anyone wants to respond to @tbwebdev58’s WTB post, please do so via PM.