WTB -- PowerSupply , for vintage PS AUdio 4 preamp , or SPECs for the voltage / wiring


the original powersupply for the PS AUdio preamp IVH started leaking, so am looking to replace.

THe preamp itself is in good condition, don’t want to recycle it.

The connector is a 4 prong connector.

So… looking for a powersupply, and/or SPECs for the power supply, becuase I can always build one.

BTW, the preamp “made in” says “Santa Maria”, not colorado. It would be a shame to toss this into e-waste.



The unit used a 56V center tapped AC transformer. That’s a fairly standard value. If you can’t find one, you can always series two transformers with half the voltage each.

Hi Marteen, I think I have the exact thing you are looking for!

its brand new and still in the original box/shipping container.

contact me iwoth@icloud.com and I can send you pictures etc