WTB: PS Audio Stellar S300 silver

Really want to try one of these… No interest in buying new unless its the m700’s.
In which I want to try the S300 1st cause I may end up loving it who knows.
According to my wife I have a budget of around $800 including shipping.
Silver preferably but beggars can’t be choosers.

I have one in black that’s for sale but not listed yet. Just upgraded to m700s. $800 and i will pay shipping and PayPal fees.

Let me know if interested

Good evening To Texas,
If the previous gentleman is finally not interested by black color, I might be.
I progressively and patiently building PS audio amplification for both Stereo and Home Theater.
How old is your S300? Good condition?

Not germane to the specifics of your request, but I was on the fence about an S300 to replace my Emotiva, and had thought of the M700s as not doable, as much as I might have wanted them. But @jamesh helped with a trade offer that was way more than I ever would have thought possible, so I bypassed the 300 entirely, going straight to the monoblocks.

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Ill take it!! Do you have any photos?

Funny I have never purchased anything outside of ebay with paypal so be gentle lol!


The other person wants the unit. If they do not pay the invoice promptly, I will send you a notice to see if you are still interested.

It’s paid!