WTB: Wireworld Starlight/Silver Starlight 5.2, 6 or 7 - 1M

WTB: Wireworld Silver Starlight or Starlight HDMI in either 5.2, 6 or 7 series - .6M - 1M length preferably.


If it doesn’t have to be 1M then The Cable Company has them on clearance


HDMI…I thought I had specified but I hadn’t…thanks.

Still looking.

It is three meters, so it likely won’t work for the OP, but here is a nice deal on a Silver Starlight 7 HDMI:

Almost impossible to find any of the ‘Starlight’ in 1 meter. Any idea if they are planning a new line of HDMI?

Apparently yes, there will be a Series 8 Silver Starlight HDMI, but it is not due until late fall 2019 or Q1 2020, at least according to one prominent Wireworld dealer. See this short Audio Aficionado thread:



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So my only issue with a length over 1 meter is that I just don’t require anything longer. Is there any evidence supporting the idea that shorter is better for audio?

I found a 2 meter Silver Starlight 7 for a decent price. Might be willing to trade for a .5 or 1 meter + a little bit if anyone is interested.

Did you already buy the 2m SS7? If not, why not wait for the Series 8 and get the 1m you really want?

Yes, I already paid for it. I made a very lowball offer on Ebay and to my surprise it was accepted. Either way though I would rather not wait potentially a year for series 8.

Cool, congrats. I highly doubt any of us could hear a difference between the 2m and 1m versions of the same ultra-high-quality HDMI cable!