Wyred4Sound Relocker with DSD sr ?I wonder if Ted can chime in on this?

I was wondering if it is ok for me to use Wyred4Sound reclocker between my Source and DirectStream DAC although as thing are I have no issues at all with my present set up . my internet speed is 70mbps with very low jitter most of the time it tests 2 or 3 nanoseconds and latency is around 15ns ( megapath internet speed download testing)

Some thoughts from me, presuming you are referring to the Remedy product.

  1. It’ll work, and you won’t damage anything. If you like the sound of it, then great.
  2. Calling the Remedy a “reclocker” is misleading. It is more correctly described as a “resampler” and may in fact be an Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC), though I’m guessing a little there. In some respects it parallels some of the functions that the FPGA does in the DS DAC – ie it takes the input, digitally processes it to a much higher sample rate, then transforms that down to a fixed output sample rate which it transmits with care. Presumably more care than the cheaper device whose signal it is processing.
  3. The digital filters in this device will change the sound in ways that are probably different to what Ted’s would do in the DS DAC. But again, if you like the sound, great.
  4. This won’t work with DSD data – it’ll be PCM only.
  5. Most importantly: your internet jitter has no direct effect on your audio system even when you’re streaming music. The data goes through so many additional buffers inside your electronic devices that any such jitter is well in the past by the time it reaches your DAC. And internet latency and jitter is measured in milliseconds rather than nanoseconds. It’s a totally different ballgame and you do not need to care about it even the tiniest bit. :slight_smile:

I’d agree with everything dvorak said: in particular I’d agree that it looks like it might have an ASRC. ASRC gets rid of jitter by reclocking the data and in effect that’s just encoding the effects of the incoming jitter irreversibly into the output. Some like the sound of ASRC compared to a jittery input (and some don’t). Reclocking isn’t needed with the DS and a few reclockers almost universally receive worse reports with the DS. But as dvorak said if you like the sound better that’s all that counts.


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Thank you ! !makes sense , yes sorry it is" ms & not ns ", Ted ! I like the way the unit sounds right now so will leave it as it is , for the DS sr I use a coax as per Paul’s suggestion from OPPO 205 and from my new LG OLED TV a Lifatec glass Toslink, the DS is hardwired to internet via Bridge 2 , the outlets are all PS audio classic outlets with a decket and semi dedicated line , the power is pretty clean ( Solar panels) no hum no buzz, ( noise harvesters hardly blink specially in the day time ?)
perhaps I can think of my 2ndry desktop system which has a Schiit Gungnir delta-Sigma DAC a Quick Silver Headphone amplifier , the Gungnir DAC feeds both the QS HP amp and a pair of Kef LS50W on stands source being being Macmini

Is he referring to the Remedy or the Recovery?

In the last post he says he’s using coax and toslink. No mention of USB.

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i do have a JCAT reference USB cable that I picked up from a member of PS audio forum recently,. I am using it between a MacMini( 2015)to Schiit Gungnir DAC which feeds both my QuickSilver Headphone amp ( I own a couple audeze headphones plus some other brands) and Stand mount KEF LS50W (using Aux inputs ) I JCAT just blew me away ! I was amazed at what I was hearing both on the KEF’s & LCD -X , never ever thought a USB cable could do that . Although I do own some decent USB cables( audioquest & pangea 6 % Silver to name some) . So I thought maybe I should try the Wyred 4 sound Recovery based on a conversation I had at the the California Audio Show with E.J. Saramento of Wyred4sound he felt it would improve my SQ from the DAC but having read some previous articles on DS-sr and some of Ted’s posts including video’s on DS-sr I wanted to get some feed back from PS audio forum membersto see if I should go that route , I think Dvorak pretty much nailed it for me, and thanks to Ted, for chiming in.

I use the Recovery along with the Matrix USB —> I2S converter. Have tried it both ways, but always come back to having the Recovery in the chain…