XLO Signature 5.1 Speaker Cables 10 feet

Over the years I’ve tried more types, brands and models of speaker cables than I care to remember and these are my 2nd favorite with only the current XLO Series 3 Signature 5.3 cables bettering them by a small margin.

They are 10 feet long and while the first photo shows spade connectors they were re-terminated by XLO with banana plugs on both ends. Each positive and negative leg per side consists of 30 strands of 23 gauge wire insulated with Teflon. The XLO fabric carrying case is included. These cables are heavy (eight pounds for the stereo pair) and are stiff. It’s easiest to work with the natural bend of the cables when installing them.


  1. The Signature 5.1 cables, more than any other characteristic, just get out of the way and allow you to hear the music and your system with very little editorializing.
  2. The music trails away and away into silence.
  3. Tonal balance is even across the audio spectrum.



Original MSRP was $2,550. Asking price is $775 and shipping is extra via USPS Priority Mail. I’ll absorb the PayPal fee if that’s the chosen payment method.

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I purchased a few quads of the tubes that Joe is selling and it was a good experience. Prompt communication, good product that was as described and quick shipping.

Are they still available