XLR layout?

Hello, i,m new here and living in the Netherlands, Europe. I hope you can help me, regards, Wim.

I’ve bought a perfect second hand GCPH phono amp and want to connect it through the XLR outputs to my Accuphase E405 amplifier XLR inputs.

However, the oplder accuphase has the ‘old’ american XLR code, pin 1 = ground, pin 2 = inverted, pin 3 = non inverted.

Wath XLR lay out does the PS audio uses?

Ours follows the AES standards. Pin 1=ground, pin 2 = positive, pin 3 = negative.

Thank you!

So it’s the opposite of the Accuphase, this means that i can adjust that with the phase button on the GCPH phono amp?

Or must i switch 2 leads (pin nr 2 and 3) on 1 side of the interlink?

Yes. The phase button will flip it exactly the way you want.