XLR output PCA-2 to RCA lEAK TL12

Hi can anyone help as I have just tried the Balanced XLR pre outs PCA-2 to RCA on my Leak amps (TL12) and the sound is there but very quiet.

I am using the rca outs at the moment and am very happy as they are good Van Den Hul Orchid leads. They are working wonderfully. But I am thinking of retiring the leak tl12,s and getting some of PS ,s power amplification after hearing them at a dealership… Very impressed with the very fluid reproductiion and headroom.

I understand the theory of a balanced output ’ wire 1 earth and 2 and 3 either side of the positive phase. First question is this the way the PCA-2 is wired or is it different that being the reason for the low output… ?? The XLR 2 and 3 are both wired to the positive pin on the rca… and both jacket and earth from XLR are wired to the outer earth of the RCA…

I am imagining that the output wont work unless it has a balanced input at the power amplifier end ?? Is this the case or is the wiring config explained not correct for the PS Pre… ??

The XLR RCA leads are only cheap chinese ones and were bought just to check the outputs … Not as a permanent solution…

Any help would be of gratitude…I am an industrial panel engineer and have the skills to make up new XLR leads if needed. Am I missing something ? 103_gif

All the best everyone

Hi Garry. I am a little confused by the question but from what I can glean, the PCA-2 is indeed a true balanced output with the standard AES XLR wiring where pin 1 is ground, pin 2 is non-inverted output, and pin-3 is inverted signal output.

Sorry about the confusion… Its just that the RCA outputs are working wonderfully. But plug a standard XLR (pcs-2) to RCA ( power amp end ) and the volume is only just there and almost inaudiable unless the gain is pushed right up’ then only just there. Hope that explains better… May be just faulty leads ?? But there seems to be low signal there…

Hope this is clearer…

This may be a case of faulty interconnects. When I’ve done this in the past using an XLR to RCA cable the nature of converting the balanced to single-ended meant that I would receive the same output as the RCA at the source end, generally about half the balanced output if it were full balanced to balanced. (Hope that makes sense!) It’s possible your interconnects are either designed to accomplish a different outcome or are defective. . . .

With the appropriate XLR to XLR interconnect the PS Audio amplifier should respond with the appropriate voltage.

if it helps … With it running on the rca normal sound coming out or the power amp . if I plug an XLR plug into any of the pre outputs the sound goes off and then comes back on when unplugged ??? Suggesting the RCA and XLR outputs cannot co-exist

I believe some XLR to RCA adapters leave the unused hot wire floating and others short it to ground. Perhaps that could make a difference here (don’t know why but I’m not an expert on these things). If you have access to a multi-meter the resistance setting can be used to determine which you have.

Thanks Stevem2 have just taken the inverted positive off the RCA pin3 (thanks Paul) it is floating and the connectors are working. Have connected it to ground and is now grounded completely zero noiselaughlaughlaughlaugh. Thanks to everyone…

Not true Balanced but need the amps anyway…thanks

Grrrrr eat!

Excellent! Maybe someone who really understands this stuff can explain why it worked one way and not the other.

Basically the way the cable was configured was shorting out pins 2 and 3 ( like putting a wire straight across them cancelling the signal all together)… I have sent wire 3 (cold / inverted ) back to earth.

You definitely don’t want to combine the non-inverted and inverted signals. No wonder they were cancelling each other out. Maybe that adapter was intended for a device that did not follow the standard pin-out described by Paul. Good that you figured it out.