your customers become sour.

Where in Europe can it be purchased cheaper? You should take care of what you do here if you do not adjust the prices to the EU as well.Have you informed your dealer about this offer in the EU?
Then your customers become sour…toilet-5_gif

The price in Denmark for such a set is 18,092.66 USD (120.000DKK)cant-believe-my-eyes-smiley-emoticon_gif (USA 66.325,25 DKK) - DS DAC and Memory Player - State of the art digital pair - sorry_gifconfused-28_gif2guns_gifcrying_gif
Is there someone missing a DS DAC so let’s buy a set together if the EU gets the same offer. Since I lack one Memory Player…lol - PM me



PS Audio fans outside of the good old USA often don’t get the great deals that the folks back home do.

However you could come on a holiday to Australia, purchase both here and have change left over. The retail on the combo here is 16,590 AUD = USD 12,591.58 (current exchange rates). Our voltage is the correct one too. Better come over quick.

Thank you for the offer, but it’s almost as expensive with travel tax and VAT21_gif

I am a loyal customer from buyer’s PS audio dimser at the Danish retailer.

I only lack the Memory Player for the cottage IMG_1225-2.JPG