Your drink of choice

William Lawson’s Scotch anyone? ( Commercial)

I needed something to sip watching Bill Maher.
Jose Cuervo Reserva DeLa Familia pricey but good.

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After what’s been a brutal day, it’s time for some good wine and some quality time with my dog and my audio rig. A nice Barolo, this one has more dark berry notes than most Barolo’s and a touch more alcohol. Still, should do the trick for tonight’s sedation.


It should be perfect now, and a pretty rusty red.

Great choice.

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Enjoy and happy birthday (Belated!). What number?

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70 and my resting heart rate is 62 and A1C of 5.5 so happy

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Vermont-distilled small-batch tequila by another name (as they can’t call it “tequila” if it is not from Mexico).