Your Next Upgrade?

Honestly I found there was a significant difference, but the difference between a P5 and P10 was bigger. So. . . it’s a hard call. If you don’t have the money for a P15 a P10 will bring a lot to the table.

thank you for your input. it’s better than what I have now, which is nothing.

You will be very pleased.

Waiting on a Synergistic to build me an Atmosphere Level 3 High Current power cable to power my entire 2 channel system…

These just arrived for a week long audition.


Well, a week later than the ETA my new used PS Audio xStream Reference speaker cable arrived. I put them in place of the xStream Statement I have been using for years. . . .

And wow, these POCC cables are just what I thought they would be. A step up while still keeping all the characteristics I liked. I’m an Ohno copper fan, have Ohno copper in my interconnects and power cables so now am very happy to have it in my speaker cables.

Just an extra spoonful* of “ease” to the sound. I’m easing into my final hour of listening. . . .

*the seller even included a cherry wood big spoon he made!


I’m assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that they didn’t actually make them. Do you know, if not, who did?

Do you mean the PS Audio xStream Reference? They were designed and sold by PS Audio, I don’t know who made them. They do share build features of the Statement that I have that were the earlier model. The Reference in both speaker and Interconnect had PCOCC Ohno copper and the Resolution of both speaker and interconnect were all silver conductors. I have three pair of the Resolution interconnects I use in my headphone only system (bought on this forum) and they are very nice–smooth as silk. I have never seen a pair of the Resolution speaker cables for sale used–they originally sold for nearly 4,000 a pair!

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Looks good. Swiss made?

Indeed. It’s the CH Precision I1 integrated.


Swiss audio must be like Swiss watches. This one starts at $38k. Loading more modules can push the tag to 50+. I look forward to reading your views.

Grand Piano finally arrived today after piano movers repaired leg after a drop. Unfortunately my left arm is in a sling after rotator cuff surgery and I can’t do a clap test. Perhaps I need to improvise with a different clap method? But i have no sound memory reference now. I guess I will wait for it to be tuned next week prior to running stereo RoomPerfect DSP in case the soundboard excites differently.

The cover opens opposite the sound pressure wave for the bass. Maybe i should just play my reference system loud and see if piano excites with vibration being next to it.

Working on “power supply” over time.

Started with Stellar P3 regenerator for DMP, DS and Plasma TV.

Accumulating PS Audio manufactured AC power cords on the used market to move to full loom of PS Audio power cables.

At least that’s the (current) plan.

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I see what you did there. :wink:

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Try snapping your fingers on your mobile hand. That has worked for me in the past as the sound reverberates well.


  • Inserted 1M PSA AC-12 power cords in front of my Emotiva XPA1 Gen. 1 mono amps (replaced AC-5 power cords)

  • Switched PSA Stellar P3 Regenerator to Multi-Wave mode (DMP disc spinner and DS DAC are plugged into the P3; DMP powered with 1/2M AC-12, DS powered with 1M Shunyata Research Taipan Alpha Helix)

+Mono’s are plugged directly into two, separate receptacles; room has 20 AMP service.

+I think I am going to have to make an exception to the Full-Loom PSA power cord plan. The Shunyata is just too pretty. :slight_smile:

+All power cords are second hand and have been purchased from fellow music lovers right here on the forum.


This morning’s listening session yielded what appears to be an even quieter background from which the music emerges (with all recordings listened to so far), wider sound stage with some recordings and, unbelievably to me, an even clearer separation of instruments and voices in space.

FWIW, I am an unrepentant Fan Boy when it comes to my 15+ year old Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 3.1 speakers and I am continually amazed by the fact that at every intended upgrade step in room set up or signal path they have more to give.

Thanks for reading.


why am i tempted by a used pair of 40th anniversary harbeth 30.2’s in silver eucalyptus please make it stop


We all need upgrade rehab :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The first step is admitting you have a problem. Congrats to you.

I am not there yet.


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At 1 pm today I visit the audio dealer here in Chicago. The last time I visited it cost more than $200k. I am fearful.