Your Next Upgrade?

The Harbeth’s will make great rabbit hutches.

FYI: Monty Python-Killer Rabbit - YouTube


I was excited to hear the Harbeths when I went to listen to them. I preferred the sound of KEF LS50s. I didn’t enjoy the sound of the Harbeths and I was sad about that. Speakers tend to be a personal taste issue. Lucky for Harbeth, many people love them. I prefer Vivid. Even over MBL.

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I agree — have only heard Harbeths a couple of times. Like B&W I find them to bright. Maybe when I get REAL old they will play well with me :slight_smile:

Painfully bright was my thought.

Strange! They are believed by most everyone to be on the other side of bright, including myself. Bad beef, Elk, and others were just talking about this recently. Anyway…enjoy!


not to make the thread too harbeth-y, but “bright” is just about the last word I would use to describe my harbeth 30.2 XD’s.

I’ve paired them with several different amps, including Class-D, and they are lovely and warm and I can listen to them all day long. With my current Luxman L509X, they are heavenly.

Carry on!


That is a great bit! How I miss Monty Python, especially The Flying Circus. Now on to the Twit Olympics.


They can be a good match with the Luxman L509X, which was my first thought when looking for a pair of Harbeths. When I heard the M30 driven by a Vinnie Rossi front end I thought they were a bit colored from the upper bass through the mid range, a slightly withdrawn presence region, and a wee bit tipped up top end. I went to the dealer with the intention of buying them on the spot, but decided against it based on what I heard. The dealer was more intent on selling me a pair of Tekton speakers. They clearly were not my Flavor. To this day I wonder if I made the right decision regarding the Harbeths.

Love that Luxman design. Reminds me of my first Yamaha.

Had a Yamaha CR-1020 in the day. For a time I refurbished Yamaha CR/CA series receivers and integrated amps. Have a CR-1020 on the bench as well as a CA-2010. Also refurbed, Scott, Fisher and Dynaco tube components. For a time I had a NIB Dyna-Kit FM-3. Sold it recently.

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I’ve had a Marantz 2275 that I fully restored in my workshop (creative space) for 10 years now driving a pair of Harbeth P3SER’s. It’s fantastic. The input I use most is a Sonore ultraRendu plugged into Aux playing Roon. Sitting there working listening to this simple system always leaves me very satisfied. It’s a near-field setup and very engaging.


Yup, the old Gyro Tuner. I always leaned towards Yamaha’s Natural Sound components as it seemed to have a softer versus etched sound for its time. The later Yamaha equipment following the CR-1020/CA2010 series which was integrated circuit based versus discrete transistor was a head ache to repair. I have repaired more than a few friend’s Pioneer, Kenwood, Sansui, and Marantz receivers. Many that just did not quite survive last nights “party” in my college days.


Received my 6’ WyWires Digital Juice II Diamond Series power cord today. It is used so no need for break in. The moment I put it in, I could tell this is one heck of a power cord!! It is on par with my NBS Omega Extreme 0. It’s hard to tell the difference between the two. It is definitely a notch above the Cardas Clear Beyond XL. It brings the performance of my DSD to another level much like the Edcor mod. But compared to my SR Galileo UEF power cord, it loses a bit of substance and high frequency air. The Diamond sound very close but not quite to the Galileo.


Interesting design in the first photo. I can see why they cutback the outer jacket and shielding in order to get the wires into the Furutech connectors. There’s no way that would have fit in the back of the shell. I’m curious about the carbon splitters. Are they strictly acting as a transition from the jacketed cable or is there some sort of filter in there?

It’s a pretty cable. I wish I had built it.

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Built 2 more broadband bass traps. Component level+ change for the better IMO. Panorama photo, hence the ceiling/beam distortion.


@RsZk this has to make you smile every time you walk into the room. Congrats!


Thank you. It’s been a rewarding journey for sure.

This hobby definitely isn’t a race, but long road road with many forks and points of interests. :blush:


Which did you build? I’m guessing the gray boxes with diffusers on top. Nice job, regardless. Looks sick!!

Yes, that’s correct. 2x4 feet x 8” deep with 1” airspace

Why not down to the floor?