Your Next Upgrade?

One word:


It was one of the main reasons why I sold my Magnepan 20.7’s


I have a serious pet…totally get it.

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After years of my bunny not eating my leather theater chairs she finally did.

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You got a new Bunny? I did not know rabbits are carnivores.

It’s my oldest bunny. She lets me have my sound system in here.
But I also have a new bunny. I have four total.

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Can you fix a bunny. Or 3 months your pretty flush in bunnies.

This is not a new concept for me.
My bunnies cannot reproduce.

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I remember my child hood and being on my Grandparents farm. My youngest uncle had colored speckled bunnies. He let them loose. 20 years later dear hunting on the farm My Dad now owns. I flushed out a wild bunny with the same speckled hind quarters. Funny how the gene pool works.


Back to the upgrade thread I just received a new network cable from @watchdog507.
Very well built. Excellent fit and finish.I put it between the switch and streamer as instructed. I would show a picture but it went right into the system after opening the package and isn’t coming back out for show and tell. :+1:
Highly recommended.


Power distribution blocks Lego style.
For my subwoofers


Very nice.

Is the inlet an IEC or is it hardwired?

It’s a kit from Parts Connexion.
You can buy pre-built or DIY. I needed something to do for fun.


The results of the upgrade from P5 to P20. Both charts are using the same wall outlet and power cable.


Now to get a dedicated 20 amp line for the P20.


wow, pretty dramatic… but all below 0.5% with both units. Can you hear a difference?

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Impressive, but I wonder what a power quality analyzer would show as that in the Power Plants will just provide a rough idea of what is going on.

Fluke Power Quality Analyzer

Nailed it with the key question, what differences are observed?

I heard a dramatic difference. Much blacker background and deeper soundstage. It was already quite wide.

I know the power plants provide a rough idea of what’s going on but I thought a comparison given the same outlet and power cable would be informative.


Nice summary of the audible differences, seem you can hear more into the performance with a lower noise floor and delineation of detail. Wish I still had access to that Fluke power analyzer as it is capable of showing the differences in greater detail for the techno-boobs of us out there.

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I’m finally ready to upgrade from the IKEA bench and cutting boards and ordering TimberNation stands for components and turntable.

So from this…

To this…