Your Next Upgrade?

Here is my Ghent Audio power cable to go from my power supply to the @jkrichards power supply board on my DSD. It looks and works great!


Canare 4S6 quad star is a very good DC cable! I have used it with positive results!


Have been thinking about a RCA switch box for multiple phono stages and multiple turntables. Poor taste? I know Decware makes one so should have that before 2030 if I order today. Ha!

I am in super big trouble. My audio guru George spent an hour and a half on a zoom call with the head so sales of Gryphon. Turns out the two Legato Phono Preamp boards in my Pandora Preamp will go into the new Commander Preamp. The power supply of the Commander Preamp will power the Legato circuit boards better than the power supply for the Pandora. The Commander is supposedly a MAJOR step up from my Pandora. And of course the 450 pound Apex Stereo amp is also a major step up from my Antileon EVO.
The worst news is the Gryphon Ethos Transport DAC is also a major step up from my Kalliope DAC. Plus it is a CD (no SACD) Transport that is in the same Sonic class as the MBL 1621A. Sadness.

Gryphon welcomes us to come visit and see and hear everything and tour the factory. They have an upgrade program that offers to take all my current gear in in exchange for the new gear. Crap.

So perhaps the starter system that I am listening to now can be upgraded to the new Preamp, Amp, and Ethos Transport DAC for a little under $250k. Sadly no new cables are required.

It’s all bad news.

Right now I am enjoying the hell out of a vinyl copy of “Studio Tan” from that pesky Frank Zappa. It could sound better than this? Does it need to? I don’t know. I don’t imagine I’ll be able to resist.

It amuses me that people are all worked up about the price of the new PS Audio speakers. Really?


Al, Al, Al. I sense the possibility of a scolding coming up. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I just want to be kewl like all the rest of you!!!


You are the Crowned Prince of Stereotown.

You might also have to bump up the incoming power panel to 400 or 600 amps. And maybe more air conditioning.:grin:


Al, for your $250k maybe you could schedule the performers to play in your space!
Good luck on your journey.


Seriously, you need to stay away from George.


Please ask if they plan a record player :wink:

Would be interesting! Not to buy (for me), but to watch.

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George needs to pay for Al’s trip to Denmark after he buys him tickets to Hamlet.


What Al doesn’t know is that George has a Bose system at home.


I am sure the system is fabulous. I know I would love a 450 lb amp. But must settle for less. But I can dream.

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We’re praying for you, Al. You’ll get through it. Don’t despair. :grin:
I lay my head on the railroad tracks
And wait for the Double “E”

The railroad don’t run no more
Poor, poor pitiful me

(Warren Zevon)


Kodo - The Gryphon (

Can you survive without these :grinning:


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Al was looking for a condo home to house is stereo. So price of homes considered. 250k is a steal compared to real estate these days. Or people in LA buying a new ragtop Ford Bronco for 100k because of car shortages and bidding wars on new cars.

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Al is being held hostage by his rabbits.

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Al, don’t worry. We already think you’re kewl!

My audio challenge is to know when to stop (or at least slow down) and be happy with the sound I’ve got. You’re living out the same challenge, but in a much higher price bracket.

As Sheryl Crow sang in “Soak Up the Sun”:

“It’s not having what you want
It’s wanting what you’ve got.”


I have yet to obtain that level of Zen. However I did just make some speaker jumpers out of some nice OFC 14g copper wire vs spend 150 bucks to buy a Nordost pair so I’m proud of myself. Now Al would have Stealth custom make the jumpers for a grand each but that’s Al. Gotta love him.

I am trying out some speakers from Q Acoustics. Really good speaker for the money. Not a main type grail speaker (I have Concept 40s) but for the price they are terrific.

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Wouldn’t that be a pisser !