Your Next Upgrade?

Oh baby!

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I suppose if I were to upgrade at this point I would get new speakers. That said my modded Hales T5’s are in excellent condition and sound good. Another possible upgrade would be my cables but my Audio Art Statement cables are nice as is. My system is well balanced so at this point no component is an obvious weak link. There is always bigger better faster but I am doing well.


I sometime experienced this feeling of “actually no upgrades are needed”.

I suddenly heard a whispering voice warning: Stay away from this forum to avoid temptations

Max duration: 1 week, maybe. More frequently just the day after I was already falling into some new rabbit hole!

What a wonderful hobby!


From the spec sheet the Shunyata NR-V10 are 20 amp rated, so they should do the trick. I’m surprised the author didn’t use the Gryphon power cords, assuming Gryphon provided those recommended for the Apex.

Shunyata NR-V10 C19

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Luca, you did help me on the IC XLR reviews. My urge of upgrading to AQ Firebird/Dragon is totally diminished, and Iconoclast greens will stay in my system for a long while. This may be the only time I have saved money from reading the forum. :pray:


Ah ah ah! Happy for you and your wallet!

Anyhow I ordered the Dragon, for digital path from DS DAC to BHK Pre because I think it really shines here and hope that the shorter the better - 0,5 mt vs 1,5 mt I tried last weeks!

I’ll keep you informed about my thoughts as soon as it will arrive (just for tempting you… following forum rules above mentioned!!!)

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Hah ha! nice try. The Dragons are doing wonderful things in my system too. So, I am familiar with their sound. But I also really like the Iconoclast green IC. They work very well together in fact, and you already know that.

But I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the short Dragon link. If you think they are great I may, one day, get one to entertain myself.


ref 1 metas are in the house. Have to wait a week before I install them. Should have cancelled my vacation and stayed home.


Congrats! Please let us hear your thoughts in time. We have both had a similar system for a while. I have also just changed my speakers. I went with the La Scala AL5’s. So far I am very engaged with them, more so than with the KEF’s but also in a much different way. I have received one sub so far of a stereo pair recently ordered. The one seems to promise excellent results from the eventual stereo pair.



Congrats! Something to look forward to upon your return.

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You could buy two and stack them.

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