Your Next Upgrade?

Audio porn for certain!
Congrats my friend!!


Some companies had/have a sense for design…and the will to let their customers for it :wink:

Really gorgeous design!


as in…warmer sounding than BHK??

Yes, I think so in the mids. My Wife said “silky”. I’m going with that.

Also, I get the impression that the bass is a bit deeper and faster. There’s quite a way to go before I get through my demo material. Currently listening to Karen O and Danger Mouse. It sounds fantastic.


Great pics, congrats!

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Thank You Sir!
Just ordered a pair, I have a lot of 12AU7’s but no Tung-Sol

It will still sound odd just with a blacker background.

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Congrats Vince!
Nice pictures which serve well this piece of art and design.
Let us know more after a long musical Weekend…


A man of taste!

The pictures and (results) of the activities described in the cookbooks cover all the senses:

  • beautiful room and equipment to look at (visual)
  • great sound (feel and hear)
  • good food (smell and taste)

Top one for movies, bottom one to feel like Captain Kirk each and every day listening to new toyz.

Bottom one has an adjustable headrest that drops well below my ears. Or up high for those who cares moments.


Al, is the bottom one a Stressless? I have a major Stressless dealer nearby and don’t recall seeing this one when I was there.

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That bottom one is really nice, love the look of that.

I have the bottom, Jabba the Hutt, version.



It is called Reno. Very comfortable.

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Bottom one looks like it would give a nice hug. Cozy.

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Kinda stuck, any thoughts on which would have more of a sound impact overall, a dac upgrade or adding dual subwoofers?

Very nice my friend. Enjoy.

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They both will have an impact. From my perspective, I would get the speaker configuration you want lined up first (i.e dual subs). Then figure out the electronics at a later time.


Your ears should stay above the backrest for best SQ results.

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They are both Stressless. The top one is way more comfortable than you might think.

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