Your Next Upgrade?

My only issue is, with what I know about this guy, if he opens up his amplifier he could destroy the entire Time / Space Continuum.

Ballroom Dancing I say!


Sad is the Ethos sitting above with no power. :cry:

Like the big font on the Ideon lucky for you it’s not black!!

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Al I already had doubts that you had reached the end of your rabbit hole. As Paul Mc Gowan describes the journey of audiophiles. Reading the experience of you and many others, it’s never the goal of reaching a status quo, but the fun of the journey of trying something new.

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With that view, it CAN’T sound bad.

:grin: :grin: :grin:

Tuesday @paul172 and I compared the Gryphon Ethos to a modified PS Audio DSD Sr. The difference was not subtle. It was very obvious and quite compelling.

Last night I compared the Ethos to the Ideon Audio Absolute DAC. Sadly, the difference was similar. The Ideon seems to remove veils that were unimaginable when listening to the Ethos. The soundstage is even better defined, which seems impossible. But it doesn’t end there. The major difference is the step up in the way the Ideon brings realism to the sounds if the instruments and the space around the instruments. It’s even more realistic in the “you are there” sense. Texture, grit, decay are all more pronounced and it very easy to hear and appreciate. If I was typically startled and amazed by the sound of my system prior to the Ideon, I am now more so. It is possibly too much. But I will soldier on.

The Ideon Absolute lists for $47K plus a 10% upcharge if you want black. They also offer a Streamer with its own Roon substitute interface that can also be a Roon endpoint. In addition they offer a matching clock that lifts the performance even higher. The list price for all three, in silver, is $79K without cables. Dang.

Right now I have the Ethos completely unconnected as I used all my Stealth Audio cables that were connecting the Ethos. The Silver wire power cable that works very well with the Ethos may be incorrect used with the Ideon. There is a very slight edge to the sound with the Ideon that I believe I can attribute to the silver power cable. So I’ll try it a copper cable.

What fun though!


After I buy the mkii, and before I buy a new shunyata piece, this is next…stereo pair to replace T/7i subs.


Received Stilpoints LPI V2 today. First of all, the 5 panels that bolted to the bottom of the record weight are actually floating, there is something sandwiched between, it could be the ceramic bearing that Bruce talked about in video. Put it on and with spinning of Capenters’s Now and Then record, which wife and I just listened a few days ago (fresh memory), the first impression is removal of some rough edges and added subtle details, which leads to deeper sound stage and better instrument separation. Because removal of some roughness, it brings out more air and sweetness of the voices and instruments. the base is tighter, although I may miss that roughness and thudding of the HR-X weight sometimes, but overall, it is very noticeable improvement in details, controls, balance. Too bad the rack does not allow much head room for DS, otherwise will try to place it on top of DAC and see if make difference.

After comparison, would prefer the ring clamp + LPI combo, the ring clamp added the heft, mid and base presence, while LPI conditions the tone, adds refinement and removes the top end roughness. the radio announcer in this record was a bit split sounding before the change, now the same male voice sounded normal and clear.

when not listening to LP, I found the pre-amp can benefit from the vibration control, the sound stage is better defined with this device on top, more airy, base is tight and deep (Playing britten’s noye’s fludde the golden vanity). The added separation is so evident in A-B comparison. Funny I may consider leaving LPI on top of pre-amp given it sounded so good, and continue using HR-X weight play records. will do more comparison to decide. it is nice to to have options.

Update: after comparison, I will leave LPI on top of pre-amp, it has more pronounced effect on pre-amp and makes both digital and analog sources shine. that deep sound stage, even at high volume, is out of front wall, which is very intoxicating, overall tune-up makes the music highly engaging.

The result surprised me, it is not a hype. I am seriously considering adding a few Aperture II panels to the listening room, may start with two replacing the pillows at the first reflection points, later add additional two, one at center front, one at center rear.


Does anyone have experience with the Cardas Nautlius Power strip?

I’m thinking about selling my ps audio p3 and getting one.

Excellent review, RedRiver. Your assessment of the LPI - and additionally with the VPI ring - are spot on with my own. The HRX weight is nice to have around if you want to occasionally get a little rough around the edges. :smile:

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I recently purchased the full stack. Best digital I’ve heard.


If you are looking for a deal and I believe you live near Chicago you may want to try these! I believe they were @minnesotafats subwoofers previously and you can probably get a pair for not much more than one Carbon special!

Rel Carbon Limited


S/810 sitting in the back corner of the room. Picked it up a couple weeks ago.


They are my “old” subs that worked very well with my Maggie 20.7s. I still have the Acs sub traps that they sat on. A great way to squeeze even more performance from a Rel.


Curious if you have tried the array of digital filters?
Wondering if you can tame the top end a bit to compensate for the silver cable?


How do you like it Steven? Do you use it to complement you Wilson Audio speakers? What do you like most about the sound improvement after you added the REL?

I am always in limbo between the REL S series and Velodyne SPL or DD series. My dealer swears by Velodyne, many on this forum by REL. I think Velodyne offers fantastic technology and reviews are very good, specs offer deeper bass.

On the other hand: But both of my amplifiers in my home office and living room offer excellent Subwoofer management, high pass filters, DIRAC, the whole “enchilada”. I am afraid that Velodyne’s internal DSP causes delays that are counterproductive to the DSP in my amps. I like to have a single master (DSP) in my systems.

Your have an amazing system. Beautiful.

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I woke my wife up playing PJ Harvey at 4:30am. She went to yoga at 8am and I played some Liszt very loud and the sub really adds quite a bit of weight to it. I’ve got the cross-over where I want it, as I run the speakers full range, and I treat the volume level ±2 clicks. With jazz it stays on, with classical it is off about half the time.

It is in a corner behind me, with brick walls, firing across the diagonal of the room. I did not like it behind the main speakers.

I bought it used from a regular dealer near me. A client spent £150,000 on a system, hardly used it, so decided to sell it and get something a lot smaller. Although it was almost new and little used, it had a terrible rattle. It turned out the passive radiator screws were loose and the passive drive was resonating. I took them all out, screwed them all back in at the same torque (REL put them in very tight) and the problem was fixed in a few minutes.


I recognized the dealer in Chicago. Lately, he does not respond to my messages. You may be more lucky !

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I have tried the various filters. Different power cable next.