Your Next Upgrade?

I have been warned that the all important rack shelf I have to have if the Pandora Preamp ever arrives has been shipped today. Noice.

And the Pandora is coming soon. Fun.

And I bought a Pink Faun 2.16 from a hooligan on this very board today.

What else. Back from Vegas, an amusing place, sound everywhere except for where you don’t need it.

And Vee, I learned you know something about updating a DSD…


“I had dibs on those if you didn’t buy them. I have a foot fetish.”

Everyone needs a hobby.

This is a safe, no-judgment space.



We judge all that time. You just may not know about it. :slight_smile:

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Oh, Mr. Elk; sometimes you are just too literal.

(In my judgment. :wink:)

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I embrace the silliness. :yum:

Footloose and fancy free!

I embrace the judgements :crazy_face:; but always come back to the family.

Looking forward to your “review” of this kit (if you care to share)…

I really don’t think I see a future for such a device in my signal path. However, it seems to be universally praised and I am interested in its performance and utility from your perspective.

Have a great weekend, Al.

I read some reviews, saw what it looks like naked. Learned who designed it, etc.
When it was offered to me I was watching a man on tv pouring his heart out on the importance of saying “no”. He spoke very well of why one should say no more often. So when asked if I wanted the Pink Faun I of course answered yes.
The one that is coming only has the I2S board in it which is no longer useful so much. It will be when the MKII arrives. I ordered the USB board with the fanciest clock option. There went $2k.

I really don’t think these things through very well. My Signature Rendu Optical streamer completes me. The Pink Faun will perhaps take its place. I will never sell the just ordered usb card as it works with most PCs.

I’ll write a review once I have it. I’ll say all sorts of dumb things I imagine I hear. Then I will apologize and say never mind.


I think Al could become my new PG Wodehouse




I have a fully optioned out 2.16x Ultra with clocked out i2s, USB, and a JCAT network card. I also got the fancy PF USB and i2s cables. It might not be the best thing on everyone’s planet but it’s the best thing on my planet. No more looking at streamers or servers for this Michigan hillbilly. :sunglasses:

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Newest upgrades: Rega Aura ref. MC phono preamp & Meridian 857 ref. power amp. Now BHK pre and DS DAC are astoundingly more 3D and more lifelike :star_struck: Analogue playback took a whole new level :star_struck: Dynaudio Contours work harmoniously with the Meridian, I do not feel the need for the Dynaudio sub anymore. :smile:


Way to go Serhan…your wait patience for your new gear has
paid off…glad to hear that Serhan…

All new Mundorf, Clarity & ASC cap upgrades for the MG-IIIs ordered. Soldering iron warming up. Tempted to cut a window flap in the socks & forego the base, frame and 1127 staple removal procedure… PER side… AGAIN.

LCD-MX4s arrived. LCD-Xs with about 15 hours on them up for sale! Huge difference.
Just stand back and throw money at your hobby…

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Power first.

That’s why I am contemplating the Pass X 250.8 :grin:

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Jest aside. I’m trying to identify the weakest link at present. And the streamer seems to be the one. The mains here is pretty good. At some
time in the future a power regenerator is in the picture.

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That will take care of your amp needs for quite a while. Nice choice.

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Steamers are an interesting component. They are so different then a Pre, TT, Phono Pre, and amps. “Traditional” Hifi gear can last for generations. So many streamers have what I feel is a too short shelf life. I am reluctant to purchase one that does much more than RAAT. Anything more than that would be wasted on me.