Your Next Upgrade?

Please keep us informed as the Tyrs break in

They say you should get more fiber as you age. I’m here all week.



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Fiber can be a good thing. Metamucil derivative of Metamusical


My theory is that combination of your out-worldly streaming combination (better isolation) may have reduced the effectiveness of ethernet cable.

I only hear SQ difference when it was placed before the streamer. When the ethernet cable was in front of the switch, I was not sure I heard much difference (need to try again since it was a while ago).

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A photo of my listening partner. :sunglasses:


Awesome listening partner. My Blenheim moves about the listening toom but is lap dog on dramatic bass. The new cavalier tri-color gravitates to corner where the bass lives.


Same here


My bunny sits right in front of my subs. Odd.


I replaced the Inakustik Ref. with the Super Cat7 between the satellite and the switch. I want to be familiar with the Super cat8 sound first before I compare Inakustik and 5N silver.

Well, my previous statement was right. I could not hear much SQ difference. So, the ethernet before the switch makes little difference in my system. Thank goodness I do not need an Omega ethernet for this link anymore. :grin:

I will let the system run a bit before I compare the ethernet cables from the switch to the streamer.


I named this new puppy Charlie Chaplin he responds to it and with the big brows and little mustache bears a striking resemblance and act like an acrobatic clown to boot.


@vmax, the ethernet cable connects to the streamer does make a difference. It depends on the music and personal taste as to which one sounds “better”.

The 5N silver has a more pronounced vocal than Inakustik, and in my system it puts the vocal between the speakers while Inakustik Ref. put the vocal further back (3’ +/-). Inak. Ref. has a softer/smoother/warmer SQ while 5N silver gives a cleaner and more vivid presentation. I like the bass better with 5N; it gives a better definition in my system. On some classicals I prefer listening to 5N, but on some Jazz and pop Inakustik seems to “connect” me better. Darn, each time I switched I liked the one in play better. :woman_shrugging:

Of course, your system will be different (especially with BACCH that I do not have).

I cannot compare Inakustik to F.O. directly because the 5N is in front of F.O. So, it will not be a true comparison on soundstage between the two. But neither ethernet cable can compete with F.O. when it is in the link. Hope this helps you. You should still wait until next week because 5N Silver will need more time, I believe.


I will like 5N better when the bass picks up. I found more natural and richer everything with The Inakustik. I figured you’d see contrasts more in this position.

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I deleted my posts in the other thread because of one big variable that I totally forgot.

I used to have the SOtM Iso-Cat7 filter in the link, and it was a warmer sounding filter. When connecting 5N silver to it, the combination was much better than the Inakustik Ref. with it.

Without it in the chain, I am not so sure 5N still has the advantage anymore. In fact, I am putting 5N between satellite and switch, and Inak. Ref. in front of F.O. The sound seems nice :grin:

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Female bunnies (and dogs)…?


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The two Inakustik are. Very additive to my stream. Funny thing it took a great USB to be able to bring out there strengths. I sm still letting the 5N silver gert hours then I will trial it versus the Inakustik Excellenz on the HT apple TV I almost think I need a 3rd Referenz there

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Funny you should say that. I was wondering why Inakustik Ref. sounded better than I remembered. One reason was because I took the SOtM filter out of the chain, but it also could be that my streaming SQ is much better now because of the new Shunyata Omega USB and LHY SW-10 additions. Inakustik Ref. reveals more information than the last time when I did the comparison. As of now I am thinking it maybe a better one after a few more hours of listening .This was not the case a few months ago.

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Cables don’t add anything (except possibly noise). If anything, they take away.

Anyway, down the cable rabbit hole, decided to try some posh XLR from Mark Sears (The Missing Link). The thin one is called Alaqeia : “Featuring our high purity Ultrapure™ Silver plated, oxygen-free, copper conductor, PTFE insulated adjustable Reference RCA plugs as standard, its pseudo balanced construction offers superior RFI rejection. It is also available with balanced XLR Termination”. The fat one Cryo : " A twisted pair construction made with Missing Link Ultrapure™ solid core pure Silver conductors. PTFE insulator with silicone damping system and Eichmann copper bullets as standard. Cryogen™ Heat & Cryogenicaly Treated."

Now have a pure silver phono signal path.

They come beautifully packaged in a jiffy sandwich bags and a cardboard box.


We’re frying… and… what’s you opinion?

Well I agree, Additive in terms of enjoyment while using three in the digital stream. Inakustik states they try to let the music come through and do as little harm as possible to the signal.