Your Next Upgrade?

Searching for help here, but hope I am not hijacking any topics. For the next potential upgrade, I am looking into converting my old 2 channel into multiple channel system. I moved my old system (Mytek-PSA700-Magnepan 3.7-RELS812) to my bedroom for YouTube, Netflix, and computer audio. I added a Marantz AV7706 preamp/processor for multiple HDMI inputs. Since then I was thinking of trying a multiple-channel system. However, I would like to keep the room clean with fewer speaker wires. I used the REL Airship for connecting S812 wirelessly. I was wondering are there any active and wireless surround speakers (or transmitter, or systems) that are cable of receiving the transmitting singles from my PreAmp ( through RCA Line Out). Basically, it would be perfect for me as connecting REL using PreAmp’s Sub Line Out to Airship Line In, then transmit signal wirelessly to Sub. Thank you so much for your help.

I just plugged in my EtherRegen I picked up from Vern on the PS Marketplace. I wasn’t sure if my system would benefit since my Auralic streamer is running wireless with WiFi but my system may sound better with the Uptone ER feeding my Roon core. Am I crazy? I have to do more A/B comparisons tomorrow. I’m getting tweaked out tonight.

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There is only one thing I’m waiting for, the PerfectWave Phonostage but other than that I’m actually perfectly happy with my NuWave Phono Converter even though I don’t use the digital part of it.

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I use the digital part of it to run the signal into my DirectStream DSD and love the resulting sound. Plus the chassis size is perfect for the only place it will fit in my “rack”. . . !


How’s the Crescendos working out for you Baldy?

This is an odd unplanned upgrade, my wife decided the dark coloured long shag carpet in my office (where the system is) needed to be replaced by a hand woven sort of sky blue low (short?) pile carpet. Surprise, the sound is noticeably better, especially the depth of the soundstage. She’s taking credit but I’m happy to give it. Better sound without having to hide receipts! A win win if there ever was one.


So far so good. I was telling someone here that the Zen’s are better in the sweet spot and the Spatial’s were better anywhere in the room. Different presentation but both good. The Zen’s win out on detail and bass. I am very happy they came up for sale used and in good shape.


Possibly an impulsive purchase but going down the path of trading my Rel Carbon Limited subs for a pair of Rel N25. The N25’s cabinet size has three times the volume and looks like a small piano. I partially blame @Paul for talking about how well Rels perform. The Rel Carbons serve my current set up well. Looking forward to what a pair of N25’s will do with 6Hz more depth than the Carbons. @aangen will still tell me that my subs are not turned up enough. :blush:


Just a pair of N25s, Al would want to hear at least 4. lol :slightly_smiling_face:


I am actually thinking going down that path. Need to see how imposing two look in the space before jumping to 4.

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Funny. I’m going from twin N25s to a six pack of S812s. Initially I’ll have 4 S812 in hand, so 2xN25 and 4xS812 before the final two S812s arrive.

I think this will be OK for low end extension because the six pack will sum the low end bass extension for each level of subwoofer.

The N25s extend flat down to 10hz in my room.


I ultimately am guessing that I will like 4 n25s vs 6 carbon Specials. Total guess.

I was told that S812s are more musical than N25s in their pack config. The smaller woofers are faster.

Having heard a six pack in action in a well appointed reference room, I’m eager to try it out here. I will at least be able to A/B two N25s to four S812s.

If I don’t like it, I’ll swap back to the N25s and add another pair, but I suspect I will like the six pack.


I would be amused by two stacks of three S812s.
My wife, possibly not. You kids!


The stacked No 25s do look snazzy

Are you planning to use any conduction enhancers or just the shear number of additional rods?

Since the house already has a safety ground that meets code it seems you could use a larger gauge conductor to add the additional rods with the same reduction in impedance?

I understand it’s difficult to measure the resistance to ground without a large field or array. I’m curious how the electrician will verify <1 ohm?

Mine just arrived today, finally got myself a server so can pack away most of my CDs. Got and Innuos Zen Mini Mk 3 and optional LPS, wow, what a fast convenient and easy to use system. Sounds great too. I also added a Chord Hugo MScaler and that is something else, it even improves the DSD, but particularly my server and streamer

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@perrynewtlsurf-com, and the new Innuos 2.0.4 OS is a significant improvement in sonics and user interface. Makes me glad I did not pursue ROON Lifetime subscription for my ZENith Mk 3 with Phoenix Reclocker.

What did you use before the Zenith?

Just rods. They’re going down roughly 12ft and spread out so there’s ground area to saturate the rod.

As I understand, the challenge is soil surface area to rod, but larger gauge wire won’t hurt. We are going from stranded to solid, for which the largest gauge available is 4.

It’s relative to measurements he’s already taken. I don’t know what technique he uses but he has a special digital meter. The main water pipe has the least resistance at 1.2 ohms, so that’s the target.

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