ZSys Optipatch, and optical patching thoughts

More likely to be studio types, has anyone used a zSys Optipatch?

The 8in 8out model looks to be just what I need for my Toslink patching requirements.

It is frustrating, - Amazon et al sell a 4 in 2 out for 30 quid.
Next step up is an Optipatch for several hundred quid (even assuming I could find one for sale).

I suppose one way would be to “bits” 2 of the 4 in 2 out Amazon boxes together in a (cardboard :wink: ) case, but that might not be so straightforward…

Anyone any thoughts?

Cheers :slight_smile:

You might see if someone has an old DXS (nirvis.com)
I don’t know if you could find one configured for your needs, but, hey, you might get lucky. Mine is still running fine and it’s more than a couple of decades old.

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Saved search for eBay now entered, thanks for the tip,
I’ve also come across mention of a Frontier Design Apache - 12 x 12 but also not available for years.
as you say, maybe I will get lucky (or I’ll start reverse engineering the cheapo Amazon ones) :slight_smile: