ZU Audio Mission Interconnects, 20 feet: [SOLD]

From the Zu Audio Web page: Zu Mission-RCA interconnect cables are all about maximum hi-fi value and are designed to challenge the state-of-the-art but at reasonable prices. Will improve the sound of your system by lowering noise and improving top to bottom transient and tonal resolution, with the biggest area of improvement in stereophonic imaging. They’re also small, flexible, durable and have a very comfortable hand.

These are 20 feet in length, custom terminated, with female XLR on one end and RCA on the other. I used them between my preamp and mono block amps. Following Jim Smiths advice to remove your audio equipment from between your speakers to improve imagining.

WAS Asking $200.00,
Now Asking $175.00, or best offer. Original price $667.00