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Hi people, I am in the market for my 1st Dac. I have been given a few suggestions by some UK Audiophile members (I am in the UK), and as I have recently purchased the S300 power amp and an Anthem MRX 520 A/V, the logical conclusion is to get the PS Stellar Dac. I am just wondering, as I do not use a dedicated CD player now, I play my SACD’s on a Sony BP PX800 connected by HDMI to the Anthem, is it possible to still play them and have the Sony 800 connected to the Dac? I have been told that the models I am considering will only play SACDS in 2 channel and not 5.1.

It depends on your budget and upgrade path. You could start with something like this https://www.analogueseduction.net/pro-ject/pro-ject-pre-box-rs2-digital-pre-amplifier-dac-headphone-amp.html , check their website or give them a call.

they are my dealers, I bought all my gear from them, apart from the new (to me) Amphion 3LS speakers the other week. As to my question, I have seen a vid of Paul, saying why dacs do not do Dolby or SACD, so kind of answered it myself

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The S300 pairs very nicely with the GDAC, so that certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice. You do run into some logistics trouble if the Sony is your exclusive source. You could absolutely run its signal via COAX to the GDAC when you’re playing CDs and SACDs, but keep in mind, only the PCM layer of SACDs will output through this connection. Also, you’ll only ever get the 2 channel feed out of the GDAC.

It would be easy though to incorporate the GDAC for HT bypass. All CD listening could be done through the Sony, GDAC, and S300. Then when watching a movie, flip the GDAC over to HT bypass and you’re off to the races.


many thanks, this is what I have found out today, just checking tho

And it adds the benefit of XLR connectivity to the S300?

Exactly! True balanced! :smile:

I have SGCD/M700s, replacing my aging and dying ARCAM Alfa 10 integrated. SGCD/M700s is truly an excellent upgrade for me. - Full balanced, ClassD amp (no heat!), plus a decent DAC. SGCD is my first DAC, I have Sony DVD player as CD transport with optical/coax digit out from Sony DVD connected to SGCD (play CD only, not SACD of course) sound good to my ears

As for SACD,

  1. Not sure that DSD layer SACD can be played on DAC from different manufacturers, due to the SONY’s SACD license restriction.
  2. Note that the “hdmi” connection on SGCD (or any other PSA products alike, such as DirectStream DAC) is different from the typical hdmi on BD player. This hdmi on SGCD is for I2S connection, when paired with PSA’s SACD transport, it can play SACD, it just happened that PSA decided to implement I2S with hdmi connection.

So, if you need a DAC to play DSD layer of SACD, then your option will be limited. If you are ok with CD layer of hybrid SACD ( this won’t work, for pure SACD disk which only contain DSD data no PCM), then SGCD will be a good candidate - good DAC + match S3000 “balance-ly”.