Advice on Headphones Amplifier (for Aeon2?)

I also want to find a low-latency headset.

I am using Naenka’s earbuds, which is Naenka Lite. It’s cost-effective, and it also has functions similar to AirPods.

No reason to buy new. Especially at this price point:

Stretch price:

I have a Burson Soloist Mk II as new that I’d let go for $325 if interested PM me. Bought it for a headphone set-up that never came together for me.

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I have the Verite Closed and Sony MDR-Z1R. They are both fantastic. How many hours were on the Verite? Mine needed 200 or so hours. They now are amazing.

I ordered a Schiit Magnius but shipment delayed a few times so I ended up cancelling my order. Originally wanted to get a headphone amp in my main system. So for now I’m just using my Denon X4400 amplifier.

In the bedroom I am using the Sprout100. :heart_eyes:

I do hear a tiny hiss when not playing any music and it goes away once I switched it off. Anyone notice it too? I will try swapping power cables next week to experiment. Right now I am using an old Supra cable.

There is a headset that many people are using recently, it is Naenka Lite Pro, which uses Qualcomm 3040 chip and Bluetooth 5.2, low latency. I have been using it recently, and the current experience is very good.