Schiit Valhala 2

I lent my preamp to a friend for a day.
In it’s place is my old Schiit Valhalla preamp.
This thing cost less than $400. and it sounds amazingly good.
The input tubes are NOS Telefunkens that cost about a bazillion dollars now, but even with the stock tubes it’s amazing value for money.
I love when stuff punches so far above it’s weight.


I’ve got a couple of Schiit pieces, a Loki tone control, and I had the Lyr 2 headphone amp which I part exchanged towards my PrimaLuna, they were both incredible performers for the money, and build quality is amazing for the price as well.

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I had a Schiit Gungnir and it was excellent, really a good value for the $$. A couple months ago I replaced it with a DirectStream.

My office system integrates Schiit Aegir amps and a Freya+ preamp with NOS tubes as well. It’s impressively good, and I also feel tremendous value… though I’ll admit I spent more on tubes than the Freya+.


The old rig is a Ragnarok2, Bifrost, Vault2i, and Panamax MR4000. The new rig carries over the Vault2i and replaces everything else with M1200, GCD, Vault2i and a P3 under consideration all playing through Spatial M4. Last weekend I was listening to both new and old trying to figure out if the P3 stays or goes. I don’t know if this is a measure of how good Schiit is or how insensitive my ears are but the only difference I heard is a bit better bass detail in the PSA setup. I also added a Lokius to the desk top and will likely trade the P3 for a Loki Max. For my money it’s pretty amazing stuff.

What amp did you run with it? I’m thinking of building a desk top system around a Jotunheim. Being advertised as a headphone amp I didn’t know if the pre out is an afterthought. I realize the Jot and Valhalla are very different but I figure the idea of pre out quality would be similar and I’ve not found any talk about how good they are as speaker preamps.