And the winner is

#1 Home screen it’s about becks new album.

It is wonderfull that. Reviewer actually said the truth about a new release and how it sounds in different formats as released to consumers. Even more is the outcome and we CPU audio people do not have much hope for the audio holy grail in quality .






Yah, me too ??

I can usually decipher your sometimes encrypted poetry AL, but this time you’ve stumped me. ~X(

I think it has something to do with wildlife that is indigenous to Papua New Guinea?

Am I close?


LMAO. it’s so true lol. Well it would not let me post the link. So I may be innocent this time. !

Please let me know if the hint is working ?



And the link is:



Yes so sorry , it’s a good read and shows we as hi end audio people have no hope for us to get the best sound.