Any suggestions?

I have just had it suggested that maybe I could/should upgrade my pre. I have had my SGC Pre/Dac for a year now, and find, as my ONLY source of music is in the form of Flac PCM/DSD, its very good. Its married to the M700 amps I purchased the other week… Where can I go to next (not silly £££ tho)

I’ve just purchased a secondhand Chord TT2 that’s driving M700s. I very much love it. Sources are a streamer via USB and TV via toslink.


You didn’t say what “silly $$$ “ is. I moved from the Stellar gain cell to the Direct stream dac driving m700’s and the improvement was immediate and very apparent. Well cared for, used DSD are becoming quite affordable and you can easily sell your current dac to help fund the purchase.

I think you should strongly consider picking up a used PSA DS Sr. DAC.

Adding the Sr. to my system was one of the most positively impactful changes I have ever made.



You can use the DS with your SGCD, as a digital preamp or with a separate preamp.


I would consider that,IF I did not have to be financially savy, and do a trade in on the SGCD

I’m not sure about your local secondhand market, but would you get more for your SGCD if you sold it, rather than trading it in?

as the SGCD is only a year old, and was bought with the future M700’s in mind, it will be staying for now, the pre loved market is pretty crap at the moment, the only things that seem worth much, is the vintage scene. So will be hanging onto it for no…May just add either a second Rel sub, and smaller cable upgrades. Thanks all for your suggestions tho. Will keep them in mind for the near future

Maybe try a fuse upgrade? That could sweeten the sound without breaking the bank. You’re likely to appreciate the benefit.

Did you see today’s M700 sale?


A Little Help From Your Friends


Perhaps I read the post wrong, but I thought there were already 700s in the system.

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Yes, he does already have the 700s. That Stellar sale is something, though. Had me thinking for a moment that popping for a pair of M1200s was a reasonable thing for me to do. :wink: Or replacing my Channel Islands phono pre.


So I am confused too. I thought u wanted to upgrade your pre situation. And then u said u wanted it to stay…

What I said was, ONLY that I had been suggested that I change from my SGCD, it just got a bit lost in translation probably

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Silly money being relative and if you plan to stay with the single source it appears that the next logical step would be stepping up to a Sr to drive the 700’s

If you are happy with the gain cell and are looking for suggestions or recommendations for improvements in a different area (cables, speakers, tweaks, etc) that opens up a different discussion

Maybe tells us what about your system you think you want/need to improve upon. A lot of smart, experienced members here!


So given all of that …what is the rest of your system ? Speakers … interconnects…. How much of your money can I spend. :grinning:

I only play Flac files from an Intel NUC via the Cinnamon USB cable into the SGCD and good (new 3 weeks ago) XLR’s and M700 amps using TQ Black II into Amphion Argon 3 LS speakers. And a Rel S8/12. All the gear is less than 3 and 2 years old

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