Anyone ever try Dropbox as source for Roon?

Wondering if there is a degradation in SQ from NAS.

Not to my knowledge.

I think it would be pretty brutal using dropbox as the storage location your music library. Lots of things have to be just right for it to work properly.

But if you try it, let us know!

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Drop box is purely cloud storage, so wherever you’re accessing it from, it downloads the file locally first before processing it, it’s not routing over the internet to read it, so there shouldn’t be any difference to it being a file on any other folder on the NAS drive.

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cool, I wonder what the advantage would be tho?

Your roon core is in your house,
the database is in your house,
your endpoints are in your house…
what benefit would it be to have the library of music files stored OUTSIDE the house?

Yeah, i know we stream music that’s located elsewhere, but curious about LOCAL files.

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Download for sure. Store local? Not sure with Roon. I am sure it’s using Dropbox APi and not the same as windows/Mac client. I am sure it streams. The core is not used for storage. Roon streams form NAS and buffers. My guess it’s the same and it pulls slowly from cloud. Tells Dropbox what rate to stream (lack of better words) builds the file and streams. Now does it save as whole or just pushes data to streamer as it goes.

I may sign up for a trial. See what it does. Obvious advantage is music available anywhere by any client and it’s backed up as part of the price. All that hardware taken off rack.

Performance and SQ are the question.

Well I should have read Roon community posts first. It seems that Dropbox can only be used for backup. Which is cool, but for me 1gb usb drive for less than $100 works just fine. too bad I thought I was on to something.

Any stream weather music or movie is the same as cloud storage.

It’s downloading and reading on the fly, so the content is always locally stored, and then deleted shortly after.

Any network device has a minimal storage space where the stream content is downloaded to and unpacked before it’s read.

I am a longtime Dropbox user, I am not certain it behaves the way you suggest. You could be correct. The whole idea seems silly though. I love my NAS, and if I wasn’t using it SSD would be fine. This is a solution looking for a problem.