Anyone heard the DCS Debussy?

Got a chance to pick one up at a good price. Trying to get an in home trial but was wondering if anyone has experience with DCS?

Also considering the Rossini DAC / Clock but that’s at an entirely different price point.

I have done quite a bit of listening to dCS. They make some great products. As I’m sure you know the Debussy was replaced by the Bartok.I listened to a Debussy quite a while ago so I really can’t remember much of it. Definitely try and get a home trial. The Rossini is on my short list for my next DAC.

Thanks for this. I hadn’t really looked at the Bartok but it looks like a great update to the Debussy and gets closer to the Rossini specs.

I’ve reached out to a DCS reseller to see if I can get my hands on one to test in my system.