Apple Music, Atmos, Spatial Audio and Sony HT-A9 + subs

I want to hear from folks who uses Apple Music and how they feel about their albums mastered with Atmos and Spatial Audio.

I finally ditched my 4 year old iphone and got a new one, as things always go with getting new gadets, one thing leads to another and another. I signed up Apple One service and started playing with Apple Music.

I got a Sony HT-A9 with it’s bigger sub earlier this year for its brainless atmos setups which I still love but rarely use, until I started playing these classical collections mastered in atoms. It’s still not there against my main system, but oh boy, if I don’t know any better… I’d never want something better.

Speaking generally, Atmos is obtained by putting speakers above the head on the ceiling. When it comes to movies, this can be a real thrill! With music, I can’t really think of a need or purpose, but I won’t rule it out prematurely. It’s caught on like crazy for lots of apple people, and they seem to think it must be the best way to hear music. If we start talking about it, don’t we get more questions than reasonable answers as an approach for music?

I have a bunch of multi-channel recordings from Steven Wilson (King Crimson, XTC, etc.), and he’s got a knack for doing such remixes, but that’s usually 5.1 channel stuff, iirc. I wonder who specifically is doing the Atmos stuff? Usually I can rattle off a few engineers names, but not for Atmos stuff. Maybe someday I’ll care more, until then it’s limited to AirPod Max experience.

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who is able to stream in Dolby Atmos, outside of headphones, who has ceiling channels.

Listening to Cruthchfield’s Sony HT-A9 video isn’t very convincing to me, but I’m always stoked to hear of other’s stoke, and don’t mean to knock any enjoyment.

Yeah, I get what your saying. Purists, myself included, judge new audio tech based on mostly reviews, and forms opinions that’s hard to break. Yet, new tech keeps evolving, and sometime can be a surprise.

At least in my room, Atmos tracks with HTA9, There is no tinker, no tweaks, no heavy lifting, no fidgeting with interconnects, no if and buts, you get what you get by just click a botton when the system is connected to calibrate, the end results is more than just good. example: some of the remastered Yo-Yo-Mas, Cello can be a b%$## to reproduce in systems. With this setup, the tonal qualities, the ambience, the mood, it’s all there!

I’d stop right here. Just looking forward to more tech like this in the future. They are evolving really quickly, lesson learned by not judge it by what I knew from yesteryear.