Are the quality of cheap non PS Audio DSD DACs good?

I dont have a work right now, so i must buy cheap stuff;

So i want to have a good quality dsd cheap dac if possible under 100 euro!

So i wonder if you know or have experience of these cheap dsd dacs?

Do they sound good?

in ebay for example i found these:

Amir reviews lots of inexpensive DACs you may find interesting:

Thank you very much, i will check it now :leaves:

I understand your predicament. However this is like saying is a WRX STI as good as an F40 lol. Answer, you really need to spend twice this to get a better dac. PSA brings the value. The cheapo dacs something different entirely. Perhaps though some dac better than no dac?

Nothing to do if the money set the limit,
Ps.i found some reviews that some cheap dsd dacs, about 100 to 200 dollars, is a great start, for “poor” people, like me!

Topping D50?

Amir can’t be trusted - that’s a horrible source of information.

^^ I believe that’s a PCM only DAC. He’s asking about DSD capable DACs.

For that price (199) you’d be hard pressed to beat unless you are very good with DIY.
I have no knowledge of how good these DACs are, they appear to measure okay. Unless you know someone with one and can listen to it you have to use the web.

If you need to buy inexpensive stuff, don’t worry about dsd, just buy the best PCM DAC you can afford, because you won’t hear a difference at a low price point at this time.
Used from Audiogon is a good start. You could also check with the guys at

Any reason why that so?

The measurement that I’ve seen from him seems to be very competently done

In my country the cheapest ifi nano is much cheap, so i guess i stick whit ifi.

Well i need dsd because i have many dsd albums + dsd dacs are also 24 bit dacs, i buy soon ifi nano, i have nothing to lose, cost about 150 dollars and sound very good! ( i have listen to it )