Audible differences in high Impedance ratios?

Hi all,

My integrated amp input impedance to DS DAC Sr. output impedance ratio is 176:1 if I use the balanced DAC outputs and 379:1 with the DAC RCA outputs. With such high ratios will it be possible to tell any difference in peformance between the two even though the RCA ratio is twice that of the balanced?

John G

Yes, but not for the reason you are thinking considering such high impedance ratios. You want to be balanced if your gear supports it for the CMRR (Common-Mode Rejection Ratio) balanced operation affords. Rejection of common mode noise does make a difference. That’s why all of my sources to my BHK Sig pre are balanced and why I use balanced connections end-to-end right up to my power amplifier input.

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I have been running balanced from day one with the DAC but was having some second thoughts about whether the double RCA impedance ratio would trump the common noise rejection in sound peformance. Glad you set me straight on that.