Audio Physic - finicky positioning

Well I tried your positioning and certainly the center image is kinda fine.
I should just have the speakers much closer to side walls since the front wall is 7 meters. Next month, new longer cables…

And to add: seemingly the bass from the opposing woofers is center-coupling better when angled this way. I feel more power resonating in my ribcage. Vocals do really pop out, even out forward to the range of my head if recorded and mastered that way. So better depth certainly.
The soundstage is overall more centered obviously, but not limited to the speaker edges. This will improve when I move them further apart.

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Year’s ago I owed a pair of Vandersteen model 3’s that my cat mistook for a scratching post.
Had a seamstress make a pair of heavy vinyl slipcovers for when the speakers weren’t in use.
Not sure how you’d remedy the cat ricocheting off your speakers though, other than maybe bolting them to the floor.

And that’s why cats aren’t allowed in my audio room. But no worries, our 19 cats has over 3000 sq ft of space to roam and destroy

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