Benefit of newer Power Plant...

I use it for regenerated power to front-end stuff (see system list at bottom) and preamp/processor, using the filtered outlet for my surround amp (Bel Canto S300). It rarely indicates a current draw over 25%. Straight from the wall are the Bryston power amp and Revel subwoofer. I have two separate 30 amp circuits behind my equipment stand, and as far as I know, have never experienced any power related issues. In particular, the noise floor of my system is pretty darned low.

If I upgraded to a newer and possibly more powerful unit, what kind of benefits do you think I could expect? The Bryston and Revel sub are pretty beefy, so I wouldn’t have thought of plugging them into a Power Plant, but maybe current models have enough, uh…current!

I’ve come to think of my good ol’ P500 as “making perfect power forever”, but there have been several generations of new models, so…


Chris V

Hey Chris, a P10 powers my 3 front end components, BHK Stereo 250 amp and 2 subs each with 1000 watt switching amps. It hovers between 40% and 45% capacity depending on volume level. My main speakers are relatively sensitive rated as an 8 ohms nominal load / 93 db output with 1 watt of input from 1 meter distance. A P10 should work well with your entire system too. The forth coming P20 would provide you with an even bigger buffer and/or upgrade opportunity though. Best, Kevin

Two questions for the larger group, then. 1) If you have a PP big enough to accommodate higher current demands, like bigger power amps and subs (mine does not have a switching amp), do you hear the same benefits that you do with other, lower current equipment? Given my dedicated 30 amp circuits, I wonder if a PP would help there. 2) Are the newer PPs better than my old one for the lower current equipment?


I think everything would benefit. Each generation of PowerPlant has been better than the last pretty much across the board. (I skipped your generation but started with a P300, added a P600, then a PPP and now a P10.) Less noise, lower output impedance. Even lower current equipment benefits from the larger power plants.

I have always believed that the most important item in my 2 channel generating enjoyable music that keeps the listener imprisioned, is the electricity supply of 120 vac.

As someone said if electricity was water your stereo is drinking from the sewer.

Mark Levinson fitted regenerators in the early 80’s in some of their amps that sounded outstanding at that time. These amps were only for a few and the technology never was perfected until the P10.

All components benefit tremendously fed from P10s, I know, I have them and most importantly consider the use of multiple P10s.