Best SQ ROON or HQ Player into DSJnr?

Hi Guys,

About to pull the trigger on a server to be set up as my ROON core & store my music files but the more I’m reading about optimising SQ, the more I’m rethinking this.

There seems to be 2 main options?

Option 1 - ROON

This how I’m running my set up at the moment (minus the dedicated server) with ROON doing all the work in regards to signal path etc. I’m connecting to my network via a switch & into BII. With the server I plan to buy one with a bridged ethernet so I can “daisy chain” from my switch into server & then straight out of server via 2nd ethernet port into DSJ (I’ve read about gains in SQ this way).

Option 2 - HQ PLayer & ROON

From reading about “bridging” ethernet which may have all started by Sonore to support high quality SQ via USB…but I’m also reading that if you place a MicroRendu/UltraRendu in between the server & your DAC & manage signal path via HQ Player, the SQ beasts ROON?

Has anyone A vs B this &/or set up their DSJnr in this fashion?

I always thought that SQ was optimal via the bridge II but as the DSJ is less suseptable to jitter etc…& the signal would be cleaned up via the MicroRendu/UltraRendu then maybe better SQ can be achieved via USB input on the DSJnr?


You can use the search function to find the corresponding topic.
What inside the DSjr FPGA is a well designed upsampling process which upsample everything input. In theory, this type of operation is not recommended to do twice.

See what Ted ‘said’ here:

Also worth reading:

Ted’s really recommended connection is TOSLink - it allows DSjr to work on a fully electrically isolated ground, which has very good benefits for Jitter control.
Due to bandwidth limitation of the TOSLink, you can only get up to 24/192 audio transmissions (up to DSD64). This is basically the same as the built-in bridge specifications. So if your Roon server and DAC are not too far away, try TOSLink first.

Thanks Coltma,

I have trawled through some of the threads on this or connected topics but they always seem to get sidetracked but I’ve not read the HQ Player & the DS thread which seems to suggest using HQPlayer instead of ROON.
I’ll have a read through the other thread now.