DS Junior w/ Roon + HQPlayer?


Does the DS Junior work in conjunction with Roon using HQPlayer as a zone?

Or does using the DS Junior with Roon mean HQPlayer can’t be part of the mix?


I am doing that right now with HQ Player>microrendu (in NAA mode)>DS Jr USB input. I am using an imac desktop as my Roon core.

Still experimenting. I just received my brand spanking new DSJr today and installed it in to my system tonight.

Sounds pretty darn good right out of the box.

HQPlayer mR is a Roon zone (endpoint using Sonore microrendu). If I remove HQPlayer from the mix, I reconfigure my microrendu to Roon Ready mode.

Thanks for the feedback, how exciting.

I have a DSJ on order, there is a parts delay in its manufacturing.

I will not be using a mR, but instead the DSJ’s Roon Ready feature. I wonder if Roon with HQP + the DSJ in Roon Ready mode will work together?

DSJr Bridge will operate through Roon. Once you set your DSJr up, you will need to ENABLE the DSJr through the Roon “settings>audio”, enter a zone name, and you’ll be able access Roon using DSJr as a zone.

HQPlayer uses Network Audio Adapter (NAA) which is separate output mode versus being Roon Ready. My microrendu is the only “Roon endpoint” player I have that I can use HQPlayer with.

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Yes, I’m not concerned about being able to enable the DSJ as zone for Roon.

The problem is that I’m not fond of Roon’s audio engine. I only like Roon in conjunction with HQP.

The question is how to use Roon w/ HQP in the DSJ if HQP can’t be selected as the Zone because the DSJ zone has been selected instead?

Good question I don’t have an answer to.

I’ve been told over at the Computer Audiophile forums that HQP requires a NAA device. “Network Audio Adapter” in order to output to a network.

The MicroRendu is a NAA device.

I’m unclear if the DSJ is NAA compliant.

Apparently the DSJ is not a NAA device. To use HQP over the Bridge, will need something like the mircrorendu or singxer SU-1…

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I use Roon/HQP with a sonicTransport i7 server-> ethernet bridged->ultrarendu->usb->Kitsune SU-1 DDC->i2s->Directstream DAC.
Roon is used only to control HQPlayer(all DSP off). Any upsampling is handled by HQPlayer. This avoids double signal processing, and the result should be better sound quality. HQPlayer simply has the better quality processing and I only use it for this reason- take the signal processing away from ROON.
As the PS Audio DACs are not NAA devices, one must use a NAA endpoint for HQPlayer such as the rendu products.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yes, very helpful!

Are you able to use the HQPlayer convolution engine with your set up?

I can’t get it to work. If I disable my bass boost in convolution, then HQPlayer plays normally.

Have not tried it. I am beta testing the new DSPeaker X4 to handle my room correction for my 2.2 system, so I am only upsampling with HQPlayer. If you use HAF to generate your config files, use the highest sample rate ones (384_HL,384_HR).