Best Valves To Use On The BHK 250

Hi Guys

I am pretty sure the valves in my 250 need replacing. I know someone that specializes in getting the best valves - his knowledge is amazing (Stevenvalve for those that know the Aus scene).

I know it uses well matched 6992’s and Steve will have a recommendation for me of some NOS tube or another, but first what do people here suggest?



BHK himself recommended the Tungsram PCC88 (7DJ8 I believe) and that is what I and several others have been using. Nice sounding tube and readily available. I’m sure there are many other options, but I’m happy with the Tungsram

Hi Guys

That was of course 6922 as my valve guy pointed out.

Re recommends hand matched Siemens so I said what the heck and went with that.

Will let everyone knows how it goes.



Hi Bill,

Could you please share the contact details of your valve supplier, “stevenvalve”? I’m looking to roll the tubes in my BHK300s which are now 2 & 1/2 years old. I’ve just ordered some Tungsram PCC88 tubes from the USA ( for my BHK preamp.


Phil Gan

Anyone tried 6N1Ps? I have a bunch I bought for use in a DIY’d phono preamp kit.


Greg in Mississippi