Best way to test electrical outlets

What is the best way to test outlets for ground issues, reverse polarity etc.? I have seen low-priced 3 lamp circuit testers that get mixed reviews regarding their accuracy.

Is there anything else on the market that a layperson can use without spending a lot of money?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve never had any issue with one of these:

An alternative would be to use a multi-meter and a long wire to connect to the ground rod and check for resistance at each outlet ground. Measure the resistance of the wire itself first to know how much it introduces into the circuit.


Thanks @brett66 . I did look at one of those initially. Their accuracy gets mixed reviews though I do like the ease of use. I think I may get one of these as they are pretty inexpensive.

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I have a few similar ones. They’re cheap and I’ve never had a flawed result. We have a lot of outdoor outlets and the moisture trips the GFI’s and I need to know if they’re working quickly. They work every time.