BHK 250..****** up! HELP!

Hey guys. I made a mistanke tonight when I swopped tubes in my BHK preamp😪…

I forgot to switch the voltage chip on my left channel when I replaced my 7 volt tubes for 12 volts. It just slipped my mind that it must be done on both sides (had a couple of beers to many probably)… I then hooked the system back up.

I heard a pop from the left speaker and the BHK 250 went into protect mode. I turned everything off immediately and put the chip back in the right place. Then I tried hooking everything up again, but the left speaker just had a totally distorted sound. I swopped the old preamp tubes back in the pre. Same result. I swopped the tubes for new ones in the poweramp too, but same result. I then tried to use my Directstream as pre and it kinda worked for a little while, but the sound went away from that channel when I reduced the volume on the DS dac, then it came back when I turned it up again … Then everything sounded ok when I turned the volume up again until I reached a moderate 50dB (on the “high gain setting”), but then the speaker started distorting again. I swopped the speakers too, just to confirm it wasn’t blown drivers, but the speakers are ok.

It seems that the problem most likely lies with the the poweramp. Any ideas what it might be?

Too much beer! :cowboy_hat_face:
Sorry about that I couldn’t resist, all in fun.
Seriously, I’d power it down and give PS Audio Tech Support a call Monday morning. This can’t be their first rodeo.

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Sorry to hear this. Did you try swapping speaker channels to ensure left speaker is fine?

Yes I did. Forgot to mention that, but I swopped the signal cables on the pre first and the problem moved over to the other speaker and the left one sounded fine.

Sorry to hear this. I know the feeling and hope it gets resolved quickly!

I can imagine myself making that kind of mistake. It seems strange that the problem seems to be in the amp rather than the pre-amp but I agree with weedeewop’s suggestion. Good luck and let us know what happens.

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