BHK Amplifier Issue

Did you see Paul ask owners of specific serial number BHK to contact him via email? You are starting to show some ignorance now.

seems you have already answered your own question…

You were the one who asked the question…my point was the obvious answer to your question.

Like stevem2 I have a BHK250 beta unit, serial 5E0018. I have not heard any noise issues from the amp to indicate an issue (in all honesty just today I had a noise issue, but I traced it to my BHK pre tubes getting very noisy, duh they’re 1-1/2 years old), so I’m NOT assuming I have this problem. While it’s easy to say “send it back to PS for inspection” that’s a lot to ask of both sides, so is it possible to get some guidance on how the owner (assuming they are willing and I am) can do an inspection to determine if it needs to be sent back? I’m fine with a private message, just don’t want to send an amp back on speculation only.

I suggest emailing Paul and asking him how to proceed.


Such a prudent course of action. One that should seem obvious, but yet escapes reason and thus this thread is flooded with endless speculation that leads to unnecessary contention.


@Dirk had a step-by-step guide how to do that, with photos, however it was removed. Presumably PS Audio will issue an alert service bulletin to owners of affected s/n’s with instructions describing a DIY inspection to determine if a RMA and repair might be necessary. Given @Dirk’s s/n was built half way through the first month, and two months worth of production with suspect bottom plates escaped into the wild, simple crunching of the numbers might suggest that about 200 BHK amps should be traced and inspected.

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