BHK Amplifier Longevity

Turned out to be quite true in my case. : )

Ok, I’m ready to pay shipping and take it off your hands :+1:

Already gone. :grin:

Too late, Jedi. But keep trying. I love a guy who is always on the lookout for a free deal :slight_smile:

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We’re on it, sir. Making good progress on the speakers now.

I’ve got BHK 250 Serial Number 009 that’s been running fine since it was first delifered. the only reason I had to send it back was because the terminals went wonky and had to be replaced (and a few components were upgraded to meet current production units) But it works fine. I still think th four e HiFi tuning Supreme rail fuses I put in improved sonics quite a bit, so much so that it didn’t seem worth going to the 300 monoblocks.

And the Steets 950 I bought back in 1984 actually still works, (hence my sig), so amps are the least of your worries. I still have my IVH, but the volume pot went south so i don’t use it any more.

The only real failure I had was in one of my speakers: The now nine-year-old Martin Logan Spire right channel would drop out intermittently. Very annoying. (Was it the amp? Speaker? Swapped left/right channel at the amp: problem stayed with the right speaker. OK, focus on speaker.) I washed the panels, switched the ESL panel from right to left (problem stayed with the right speaker base and woofer amp) and I finally discovered a loose terminal inside the right speaker base. Screwed it down and it’s been running fine ever since. But, yeah, the vibrations from the speaker loosed the wire after 6 or so years. who’d a thunk?

But I may have to get the AN2 (what’s the new designation?) when I retire. That would be fun . . . .

If my ears don’t degrade like my Dad’s . . . .

I somehow had missed reading your post. Thanks for the feedback about your experience.

Pretty neat that in this thread there was only one (that I recall) case of serious failure of the BHK amps, despite the heavy scrutiny looking for failure evidence in this thread