BHK pre Amp or Pass labs

@dcgold, I just got to my season home where my Threshold FET 10 H/L preamplifer is located. It is currently connected to a Pass Labs XA-25. I confirmed that when mono mode is selected the balance control does provide for panning right-to-left and left-to-right. Let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you so much. I ended up with an Audio Research preamp & made an external box to switch mono & send the signal right or left. I connect with A/B ing driver or crossover changes.

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I didn’t know you have one of these. It’s a great preamp.

Dead quiet and drives the XA-25 with aplomb. I’ve had this for eons! Put it on the market recently as well as a Coda 02b preamp.

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I am looking for a BHK pre amp, priced right in black.

Keep checking tmraudio if no-one here has one…

That’s not the lowest price I’ve seen, but the unit is also fairly new with a transferrable warranty.

I will have one for sale this fall when I get things out of storage from a recent move / downsizing. I’ll post it in the for sale area here.

Maybe this will do:

A fine search engine for used audio offerings: