BHK Preamp headphone

k. thank you.

Appreciate your help. Stay safe.

Hey @cocobean1 -

Email me;, we can get you going again.

Thanks much and stay well!

I’m so silly we’d already been in contact about the volume I’m sorry you have this new issue. We’ll get things arranged if you’re ready to send it in.

What’s the turnaround time for this and HS it been a regular issue? I’m talking the headphone amp on the BHK. Is there a way for me to trouble shoot from here?

I do not recall anyone else having a problem with the headphone amp.

Give PS Audio service a call.

apologies, thought the last message was private a it when via my email.

thanks, Elk.

No problem at all. One can post on the forum via email and this occasionally surprises people.

I agree with BHK, sounds like the headphone amp is not working properly. I’m not too sure how many people use the headphone amp inside, but it’s the first time I’ve heard the headphone section failing.

We are quite proud of our 48 hour turnaround for most things, but because the directors want our staff to be as safe as possible, the hours for our warranty guys have changed a bit. I tell you this as a heads up in case you do send it in soon. Because the pre’s outputs in the back are still working, I might hold off in sending it in until the dust settles a bit. Thanks Cocobean

Yup- that sounds like a plan. Appreciate your assistance, James

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I love the sound of the BHK headphone amp

Ha. Appreciate you rubbing that in, Ron. :slight_smile: been told It’s the module. Getting it sorted out next week. Now that you mention the headphone amp, I’m
More into getting it taken care of.

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If it is a plug in swap out you might be able to do it yourself. I have not looked inside to see so just speculation.

the part goes tot eh distributor here… so think he would just swap it out

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Resolved… thanks for the help and the replacement headphone amp.

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