BHK Preamp Headphone Buzz while Volume Display Is On

Hello, everyone,
This is my first post here. I’ve been a proud owner of DS DAC Sr. MK1 and BHK Signature Premp. I recently added the preamp to my DS DAC feeding my Purifi amp. I never thought a preamp could make such a drastic difference, but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the BHK. I’ve also been rolling tubes and the experience has been like having multiple preamps with different tonal qualities.

One quick question I have. When I plug in the headphone (Sennheiser HD6XX, and Momentum Wired), there is a noticeable buzz if the volume display is shown on the screen. When I dim the unit, the buzz is significantly reduced. PS Audio recommends I send it in for a checkup, but I wanted to make sure if other BHK owners have a similar experience. If this is by design, I rather save my preamp going through a round trip shipping. I appreciate any fellow BHK Premp owner’s feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome, @verendus !

Welcome @verendus!

My BHK Pre does not buzz with the screen on.

Thank you for the quick response. Just out of curiosity, do you use Bridge II as a streamer by any chance?

I don’t have a MK1 or MK2 any longer. I did have both. When I had the MK1, I did use the BII until I removed it and put in a Jeff Richards power board and some other mods. When I did have the BII in, I liked it. But the power board and mods did make the MK1 sound better, so I started to use a Sonore Signature Rendu SE to stream via USB to the MK1.

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I hear the same thing, unfortunately. It was one of those “oops” design flaws we didn’t catch.

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Thanks, Paul for chiming in. I assume there is nothing that can be done to correct this? This is what I wanted to know as I don’t want to send in the unit if this is by design.

I wonder why I don’t hear it. Odd.

Could there be a slight component difference over the years?

Mine is several years old.

This is really interesting. I unplugged all inputs and the BHK still buzzes. Much louder when the volume display is on. When off, it’s a very faint sound of electric interference. BHK is supposed to be the state of the art headphone preamp, and I was hoping to upgrade my can, but this is a bit disappointing. I wonder why some would and others wouldn’t. Do you have any other inputs plugged into the preamp?

Wonder if any other BHK Preamp owners can chime in.

Input 1 - RCA configured for HT Bypass from an Anthem 1120.
Input 2 - XLR from dCS Bartók.
Input 3 - RCA from Stellar Phono Pre.

Mine is about 5 months old.
I will try to connect my home theater via RCA and see if that would change anything.

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Happy anniversary/cake day!

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I am going to test this again tonight after our household settles down. I am also going to try with a different set of headphones.

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I don’t hear a buzz with the screen on. Knowing that Paul does and I don’t is a bit confounding. I can’t explain it. Especially if it’s a design issue.

I know I would have noticed a buzz prior because when I was testing FW for the MK2 I often went back and forth between speakers and headphones. During that period I know the screen was on as I was paying attention to volume settings between Roon and Audirvana streaming to the MK2.

This chump is stumped.

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Thanks for testing this. I hope this is something that can be fixed by PS Audio. I am hoping there will be a few more confirmations from other BHK Preamp owners to make sure that the buzz is not a universal problem. I am a little hesitant to ship it back to PSA at this point due to the cost and the possibility of it coming back unchanged.

Which headphones have you tried on your BHK? I am using Sennheiser HD598. I am wondering if the low impedance (60Ohm) has to to with the noise.

Sony MDR-Z!R and ZMF Verite Closed.

I like closed back. My wife goes to bed early.