BHK preamp, oh my goodness!

I just got a BHK today and I thought it would sound good, but I wasn’t prepared for how good!

My current preamp is (rather was!) Pass X0.2 which is an amazing preamp in its own right.

The BHK added space in every dimension; width, depth and without losing the individual musicians position in the mix.

More to come… need to get back to the music!


I’m glad you like yours. I picked mine up and have several hours of listening over the last week. It is clearly a step up for me. What is your amp/speaker setup?

@senna1a Pass Labs XA60.5 with Cardas Clear Beyond to Audio Physic Avanti III. Front end is PSA DS Sr. with bridge II with Roon and Tidal. Analog is Clearaudio Champion to PSA Nuwave Phono. All XLR and power cables are Cardas Clear (expect power to amps, Clear Beyond). Power managed by PSA P12.

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Slightly off topic, but I was curious if you run your XA60.5’s through the P12 or directly to wall outlets? I’m considering a PowerPlant to replace my conditioner; I currently run my amps directly to the wall; I’m considering a P3 with no amps vs a 12 or 15 with amps.

Just wait until it’s fully burned in.

@senna1a the amps are going through the P12. I’ve tried it both ways and it’s cleaner and clearer (and more relaxed) through the P12. Definitely prefer that to going straight from outlets.

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Many thanks. That is the route I’ve been leaning, but good to hear confirmation.

Just try it both ways to satisfy your curiosity. Systems are different and you might prefer from the wall. It was easy for me to unplug from the P12, and plug it to the wall which was right next to the P12. I heard it right away and didn’t need to go back and forth.
I have a 200w per channel power amp and for me, it was definitely better from the P12. It was less grainy and more natural sounding with incredible uncompressed dynamics. It is one marvelous regenerator!!


The BHK is just getting better and better. At first, I heard extreme space behind the speakers (almost as if I removed the wall behind them) and the imaging was exemplary. The width seemed to be ok, but not as dramatic as the depth. Oh boy was I wrong! After settling in, the soundstage is just as wide as it is deep! It’s not always obvious as the musicians are perfectly placed with pinpoint imaging, but when called upon, the width is spectacular!

There’s going to be a Pass X0.2 up for sale pretty shortly. :slight_smile:

@audiojan it’s great to hear you are enjoying the BHK. I’m still making some adjustments, but I can say I’m actually happier with now my NHT 3.3s, which I know are the weak link in my system; the combination of the BHK and XA60.5 have taken the edge off my metal dome tweeters, allowing greater separation and clarity. I also have better separation and lack of smear in mid regions that have taken my critical listening enjoyment to new levels.

@senna1a any chance you can move the speakers further out in the room? In my experience with the 3.3’s, they really need space around them (both in the back and especially the sides).

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Yes - that is one of my experiments at the moment. I know unlike the 2.9, they call for wall triangulation. However, I’m not short on bass, so I’ve moved them out a bit, which definitely helps with depth of sound stage. Unfortunately, I’m also tackling room treatment as well (nasty basement flutter echo) so it’s been listening and making one adjustment at a time, then either going back one step, or marking my latest movement.

Appreciate this discussion as it definitely helps.

Fantastic system. Similar choices here. I’ve got the BHK Pre through Pass XA60.8 with Audio Physic Avanti 30th editions. Other equipment includes DSD Sr with Bridge 2 and a Nuc with Roon/Tidal. Analog is Oracle Delphi/Graham Phantom/Hana ML run through the fantastic Stellar Phono.
I’m running the Pass amps directly from the wall rather than the P10 because I was afraid it was overloading it. Can’t say I could hear any great differences yet. Maybe I’ll give it another try through the P10.

Just wait till you get the fun of tube rolling in the BHK.

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Oh, that’s done already! Got the pre with the “Kevin Deal special BHK tubes”. Extremely quite and the sound is nothing short of glorious

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