BHK Preamp tube rolling

You can give Brent Jesse a call in the meantime, I’ve had good luck with him in the past with 12AU7’s for my Concert Fidelity Pre (Siemens and RCA 5814) have also bought from Andy, he gives great advice as well a great tubes!


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Telefunken 12au7 Tubedepot great people

Get em while you can and don’t gripe about a
near unobtanium nos tube

Best wishes all

With the Tele one really wants the ECC802S. The very special one at 3x the cost if you can find a matched pair. Current price is ~$1000+/pair

I obtained a very nice set 2nd hand but originally from Brent Jessee. Date codes match to the same month July ‘65 Ulm Germany.


Way to go Brett…well worth it!!

I put the 6DJ8 tubes in my DS Pre a few months ago and cannot take them out… Too GOOD!!!

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