BHK Preamp voluyme contol clicking Stopped?

my BHK Preamp volume control has quit clicking. It used to sound like baseball cards on the spokes of a bicycle wheel. I would click every other number on the dial, now it only clicks at 25 & 50.
Is the loss of clicking normal.


If everything is working correctly I say it is normal.

The amount of clicking heard depends on tubes, other equipment to which the preamp is connected to, etc. The tubes may have broken in so that the clicking is no longer heard.

The clicking is always present to some degree, but much depends on the balance of the tubes. The clicking comes from when the tube’s gain is changed by the volume control. If you use the balanced outputs of the preamp, the clicking will always be less. The circuit that balances the tubes and keeps the clicking low has to settle in and stabilize, so perhaps that’s what you’re hearing?